What size photos fit in the books?

Large Square 4x4

Small Square 3x3


What pens, tape, adhesive do you recommend for putting your book together?

Check out our blog for all our memory book faves!



What should I do with the blank pages in the back?

Extra pictures, special cards from the baby shower, a place to write down darling moments, etc!  These are just a few fun uses for those extra pages, but the possibilities are endless. 


How should I add my babe’s foot print to the book? 

Although the foot can go directly on the designated page, we suggest bringing a piece of card stock with you (some hospitals provide this) and putting the foot prints on that separate piece of paper. That way, if you don’t love the foot print you can try it again without needing a new page in your book. 


Best places to print photos?

Snapfish, tinyme, and My Photo Book out of the UK offer square photo printing. Parabo Press and Persnickety Prints are two use based companies that ship internationally.


Do your memory books work for all families?

Yes! Our baby memory books take a “child-focused” approach. Most references to parents are worded like "we loved," "we watched you grow," etc. We’ve recently updated our books and removed the family tree labels. This gives you the freedom to label each space in a way that works for your specific family. The only reference to any one parent is on the “before you were born” page where there's a photo spot for mom's belly and a blank spot to write what mom was craving. 

Our toddler books are completely child focused and only reference "my family" throughout.




Why are the Toddler Memory Books more expensive than the Baby Memory Books?

There are a couple of reason for the price difference. 

  1. The Toddler Memory Books cover 5 years of memories, the baby memory books are just year 1. 
  2. The Toddler Memory Books are 12"x12", the baby memory books are 9"x9", so Toddler Books are much larger with many more pages. 


How many photos fit in the Little Years Book?

There are designated spots for 240 total photos, 48 per year. Then, each year has 8 blank pages in the back that you can use as you please! If you want to include more photos, notes, memories, etc. there is space for that!


What is your shipping policy?

Check it out here